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    The Future of Business Innovation starts now. Disruptive innovations take place in products, services and business models in the fields of both Business-to-Customer as well as Business-to-Business. Organizations, from startups and nonprofit to large-scale global businesses, have to reinvent themselves faster than ever before. The Boom! Business Design approach will empower you to master this challenge and pioneer the future of your industry.
    Boom! Business Design is an agile and adaptive three-stage approach.
    1. Business Ecosystem Design
    The first stage broadens your view of your business from a high-level perspective. It outlines your business network and potential business partners as well as key trends and the macro-economic forces that will affect your future.
    2. Business & Value Proposition Design
    The second stage focuses on your business in detail. Here we discover answers to urgent questions concerning new revenue streams, new markets, new businesses, or new products and services. Moreover, the team ideates new potential customers and value propositions.
    3. Business Viability
    The final stage of the Business Design Flow helps you kick-off your business ideas. In the end, it is all about understanding your customers and their willingness to buy your solutions. Test your business model options in quick iterations backstage in a closed environment with partners. Or get out of the building to observe and test it on your potential customers.
    The Boom! Business Design Flow gives you a broad overview of your business environment and potential business models. It empowers you to accelerate your business through a lean way of working. 
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