Realize Sustainable Change

    The only constant in life is change, and this has never been more apparent than in today’s rapidly-evolving world. Leaders in all kinds of social and business projects have the challenge to sell the need to change course. But every second change initiative fails due the lack of concrete vision, motivation or empowerment. According to a 2005 US study by Leadership IQ, the number one reason CEOs are fired is their failure to lead their company successfully through change. The Boom! Change Design process will support you and your team in meeting this challenge head on. It will help you transform your business from the inside out.
    The Boom! Change Design Flow helps organizations succeed in social or business change initiatives. We accelerate the implementation of organizational change with our human-centred change design approach.

    Our approach includes embracing the purpose of the transformation and understanding what one’s personal role is. We help move people from a place of fear to one of possibility by shifting the underlying mindsets that drive performance. In general, the process consists of five complementary phases:
    1. Discovering
    In this phase, the team collaborates to create their own changemaker coalition in combination with a team contract for strengthening their commitment. They explore their eco-system and identify their change coalition. Rational analysis is combined with an intuitive and associative process of gathering insights.
    2. Visioning
    In the second phase the changemakers ideate new concepts. They develop, cluster, and select different ideas for potential breakthroughs solutions. The Boom! Visioning phase supports your team in co-creating inspirational visions.
    3. Realizing
    In this phase you create prototypes of change that will have a real cost, tangible value and long-lasting impact on the organization. Users and experts explore iterative trial, feedback and adaptation in s playful manner in order to determine the viability of a solution.
    4. Anchoring
    In the fourth phase, the achieved transformation will be internalized by the organization through reflection, presencing and coaching.
    5. Scaling
    In the final phase, the team will make specific design interventions to their change concept to determine its scaling potential.
    Boom! Change Design process empowers changemakers to transform their business from the inside out. The approach anchors change in the organization through its principles and practices from co-discovering to co-scaling.
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