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    Most companies built on the command-and-control paradigm which was state-of-the art in 19th century. Power is centralized and resides at the top. This limitation worked well enough until the first half of the 20th century. Today's businesses are struggling to create a more agile and innovative system, one that can keep pace with the rapid and rabid technological advancements that shape our world. The complexity of issues facing organizations today require a high level of internal and external collaboration and innovation.

    The Boom! Organization Design process empowers businesses to address these challenges with sustainable, effective solutions shaped by the key players themselves.
    Boom! Organization Design answers and defines the challenges a company faces today, and prepares them for the future. The comprehensive approach helps transform a business into an agile, faster learning and more innovative organization in a short period of time. The Boom! Leadership and Boom! Collaboration Model support the transformation of business from Now:Land to Next:Land.
    1. Boom! Leadership Model
    The Boom! Leadership Model is inspired by Theory U (Otto Scharmer, MIT). It is a life-changing experience transforming your organization from an ego-centric system to an open eco-system, with an open mind, an open heart and an open will. The Leadership Model helps you to unleash the innovation potential in your organization by building a co-creative environment of curiosity, compassion and courage.
    2. Boom! Collaboration Model
    The Boom! Collaboration Model is based on the disruptive social technology Holocracy (Brian Robertson) applied by Zappos and Medium. It is an organic structure that replaces the traditional pyramid-shaped management hierarchy using a collaboration of circles and a clear set of roles. Efficient collaboration sessions, such as tactical and governance session, will empower your organization with a new way of decision making.
    Boom! Organization Design unleashes the innovative potential of business, society and self with the evolutionary Boom! Leadership and Boom! Collaboration Model processes.
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