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    Our society faces challenges that seem too big to handle because of their complexity. Large societal issues such as climate change, food scarcity, the banking crisis, ageing population and urban development asks for a different approach.

    Boom! Innovation applies a unique approach to tackle those challenges. The Boom! Innovation Flow & Trend Analysis help you navigate today's truly complex and dynamic challenges where traditional deductive, linear, problem solving approaches fail.
    Boom! Trend Analysis
    The unique Boom! Trend Analysis uncovers the mega-trends of your field. The approach points out the hot topics, regional trends as well as future elements of economy, society, politics and science. The relevant trends and possible recommendations will be carved out and presented on the Boom! Trend Map.
    Boom! Innovation Flow 
    The unique holistic & systematic approach is agile and adaptive and consists of four distinctive, complementary phases:
    1. Discovering
    In this phase the team conducts a wide exploration of the topic. Rational analysis is combined with an intuitive and associative process of gathering insights.
    2. Visioning
    In the Visioning phase the team ideates new concepts. They develop, cluster, and select different ideas for potential breakthroughs solutions.
    3. Prototyping
    This phase is built around testing and feedback, with the aim of learning in order to make improvements. Iterative trial, feedback and adaptation in a playful manner of users and experts are key.
    4. Scaling
    In the scaling phase, the team will make specific design interventions to their concept regarding its scaling potential. Our network provides new challenges and opportunities for the successful introduction of innovation which will be identified in this step.
    The Boom! Innovation Approach unleashes innovative solutions by its unique holistic & systematic concept. The Boom! Trend Analysis identifies mega-trends which open the eyes for new challenges & possibilities in your field. Moreover the Boom! Innovation Flow empowers you to discover new horizons of possibilities for crafting breakthrough solutions.
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