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    The working in sprints has been scaled from software development up to marketing & other areas. In contrast to that business development is still living a traditional approach from market analysis over market segmentation to a go-to-market strategy. The Boom! challenge was to undertake the agile way of collaboration for business strategy. The goal is to answer critical business questions in a short period of time in order to discover new business opportunities.

    The Boom! Sprint Design tackles the challenge by a five-day sprint for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and minimal lovable product testing with customers.
    Day 1 - Map
    The day one's structured discussions create a path for the sprint week. In the morning, you’ll start at the end and agree to a long-term goal. Next, you’ll make a map of the challenge. In the afternoon, you’ll ask the experts at your company to share what they know. Finally, you’ll pick a target: a challenging but realizable piece of the problem that you can solve in one week.
    Day 2 - Sketch
    On day two, the team focuses on solutions. The day starts with inspirations like a review of existing ideas to remix and improve. In the afternoon, each person will sketch, following a four-step process that emphasizes critical thinking over artistry.
    Day 3 - Decide
    In the morning of day three, you’ll critique each solution, and decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal. In the afternoon, you’ll take the winning scenes from your sketches and weave them into a storyboard - a step-by-step plan for your prototype.
    Day 4 - Prototype
    On day four, you’ll adopt a “fake it” philosophy to turn that storyboard into a prototype. A realistic facade is all you need to test with customers, and here’s the best part: by focusing on the customer-facing surface of your product or service, you can finish your prototype in just one day. On Thursday, you’ll also make sure everything is ready for Friday’s test by confirming the schedule, reviewing the prototype, and writing an interview script.
    Day 5 - Test
    The sprint began with a big challenge, an excellent team. By day five the team created promising solutions, chosen the best, and built a realistic prototype. That alone would make for an impressively productive week. But you’ll take it one step further as you interview customers and learn by watching them react to your prototype. At the end of the day, you’ll know how far you have to go, and you’ll know just what to do next.

    The Boom! Innovation key deliverable is The Boom! 5-Day Sprint Framework for the rapid identification of business opportunities and solutions. The Boom! Sprint Framework empowers the business strategy organization to be agile, fast & responsive of a rapidly changing environment.