Feel the Digital Change From Within

The Digitalization Program of a traditional cooperation in oil & gas sector with 300.000 employees has been started in 2015. The program covers the digitalization of the whole product and service lifecycle from inception to completion. The challenge of the program was the lack of contribution from top to middle management. This leads to a zero impact and acceptance of the program. 

The approach to tackle the challenge of the program is based on the Boom! Change Design Expedition.
1. Discovering
In the first phase we discovered the status quo of the program from a change point of view. This includes a stakeholder identification and analysis of the stakeholder ecosystem in accordance to Boom! Change Design Toolkit. Moreover the Boom! Team wants to experience the impact of the digitalization of every interest group. For this reason we stepped into the shoes of the main stakeholders and accompanied them in their daily life.
2. Visioning
In the second phase we crafted in a co-creation workshop the vision, aspired impact and mission of the Digitalization Program based on the Boom! Strategic Visioning. The main goal was to create buy-in and commitment and commitment from all participants. Therefore every stakeholder group nominated their representative to take part in the visioning session.
3. Realizing
In the third step the Boom! Team created with all main collaborators the Boom! Graphic Roadmap with quick-wins and an iterative project plan based on the lean change principles. The project managers were selected by all parties to become the change facilitators in order to scale the change to a movement. For this reason the project managers were trained in change principles by Boom!
4. Anchoring
In the fourth step the achieved state was anchored by an overall Digitalization Festival with the contribution of all global teams.
5. Scaling
In the last phase the change has been scaled by an established Digitalization change maker network who act now as pioneers and evangelists for the Digitalization Program 2016.

The key deliverables for the coorporation were a clear Program Vision, Impact and Goals. Moreover the team identified the key stakeholders of the program and how they should be addressed. This leads to a Boom! Graphic Roadmap covering the bold moves of the program for 2016.